Categories and dynamical systems

任课教师 Speaker:范祐维
时间 Time:2.21~6.10(Tues. ) 13:30-16:05
地点 Venue:近春西楼第三会议室 Conference Room 3;Online Zoom: 984 962 1397

课程描述 Description

Categorical dynamical systems have fruitful connections with various mathematical fields, for instance with algebraic geometry, Teichmuller theory, symplectic geometry, and dynamical systems. The goal of this course is to give an introduction to the recent works on categorical dynamical systems. We will discuss topics that are closely related to the development of categorical dynamical systems, including: topological entropy, triangulated categories, categorical entropy, Bridgeland stability conditions, and mirror symmetry.

预备知识 Prerequisites

Basic category theory and algebraic geometry will be helpful.

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