Mod p Representations of some p-adic groups

任课教师 Speaker:王浩然
时间 Time:2.21~6.10 (Fri.) 9:50-12:15 + 9:50-12:15 13:30-16:35, June 17,2022
地点 Venue:近春西楼第三会议室 Conference Room 3;Tencent Meeting ID: 337-4653-4241 PW: 1212

Note:Due to the COVID-19,the course will be delivered via Tencent from May 6.

Tencent Meeting ID: 337-4653-4241 PW: 1212

课程描述 Description

The course aims to give an introduction to mod p Langlands program. We will mainly focus on the case of GL_2(Q_p). If time permits, we  will discuss some recent progress on the representations of quaternion algebras over Q_p.

预备知识 Prerequisites

Basic knowledge on algebraic number theory and representation theory

参考资料 References

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Note: The lectures cancelled on Apr.8 & Apr.15 will be presented at 9:50-12:15 13:30-16:35, June 17,2022.