Modern Cryptography

任课教师 Speaker:丁津泰/梁蓓(BIMSA)
时间 Time:2.21~5.13(Tues. /Thurs.) 18:40-20:55
地点 Venue:近春西楼第一会议室 Conference Room 1; Online-May10&May12

Note: Due to the COVID-19,the course will be delivered online on May10 & May12.

May 10: Tencent Meeting ID:199-432-256  Password: 051001

May 12: Tencent Meeting ID:322-510-537  Password: 051202

课程描述 Description

This class consists of 2 parts running parallelly. The first part will be on Tuesday night where we give an introduction class for the basics of modern cryptography including symmetric cryptography, public key cryptography and post-quantum cryptography. The second part will be on Thursday night and we will cover advanced topics including multiparty computation, fully homomorphic encryption. The second part will also bring in speakers including students and postdocs to give lectures on their current research topics and results, and it encourages students to give presentations in any interesting topics they choose.

预备知识 Prerequisites

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