Hodge structures and period maps

任课教师 Speaker:Eduard Looijenga
时间 Time: 每周一、周三15:20-16:55,2020-9-14 ~ 12-4
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课程描述 Description

We first review the basics of Hodge theory. We then focus on specific examples, such as abelian varieties and hyperkaehler manifolds. This may also involve some discussion of Shimura varieties. 

We will also do some mixed Hodge theory.

预备知识 Prerequisites

Some basic knowledge of manifold theory and algebraic geometry.

参考资料 References

I will try to write notes for the course. Text book references for part of the course are:

Griffiths-Harris: Principles of Algebraic Geometry

Griffiths et al: Topics in Algebraic Geometry

Peters-Steenbrink: Mixed Hodge Structures

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