Introduction to categorification

任课教师 Speaker:田垠
时间 Time: 每周四09:50-11:25、每周五13:30-15:05 2020-2-20 ~ 4-10
地点 Venue:宁斋W11

课程描述 Description

This course is to give an introduction to categorification from topological and algebraic point of view. We will discuss Khovanov homology as a categorification of the Jones polynomial. On the algebraic side, we will discuss categorified quantum group theory, due to Khovanov-Lauda, Rouquier and Webster.

预备知识 Prerequisites

A little homological algebra will be helpful but not necessary.

参考资料 References

[1] M. Khovanov, A categorification of the Jones polynomial, Duke Math. J. 101 (2000), no. 3, 359-426, arXiv:math/9908171.

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