Langlands Program and conformal field theory

任课教师 Speaker:袁瑶
时间 Time: 每周一、周三13:30-15:05 2020-2-17 ~ 5-6
地点 Venue:宁斋W11

课程描述 Description

It has long been suspected that the Langlands duality should somehow be related to various dualities observed in quantum filed theory.  This course will at first give a motivated introduction to the Langlands Program, including its geometric reformulation, addressed primarily to physicists.  Then I will describe the connections between the Langlands Program and two-dimensional conformal field theory, which give us important insights into the physical implications of the Langlands duality. 


预备知识 Prerequisites

Linear Algebra, Commutative Algebra, Lie Algebra.

参考资料 References

1, E. Frenkel, “Lectures on the Langlands Program and cinformal field theory”.

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