Birational Geometry II

任课教师 Speaker:Caucher Birkar
时间 Time:Every Thursday 13:30-15:05 2023-2-23 ~ 6-8
地点 Venue:西阶教室

Zoom Meeting ID: 455 260 1552

Passcode: YMSC



课程描述 Description

This year-long course is an introduction to birational geometry, a central area of algebraic geometry. The aim is to introduce some of the core concepts and techniques in the birational classification theory of algebraic varieties. It will be suitable for advanced undergraduate students,PhD students, postdocs, and others interested in the subject.

预备知识 Prerequisites

The audience is assumed to be familiar with basics of algebraic geometry.

参考资料 References


1. Curves,

2. Surfaces,

3. Explicit geometry,

4. Bend and break technique,

5. Singularities and pairs,

6. Kodaira dimension,

7. MMP in higher dimension, minimal models and Mori fibre spaces, flips and finite generation,

8. Generalised pairs,

9. Boundedness and moduli of varieties,

10. Sarkisov program, etc.