Towards Secure and Efficient Realization of Pairing-based Cryptosystems from Sta

组织者 Organizer:R. Kabaleeshwaran
时间 Time: 周一, 2021-01-11 16:00
地点 Venue:Zoom ID:388 528 9728 Password: BIMSA

简介 Description

Bilinear pairing defined over elliptic curve group was first used to design novel cryptosystem in 2000. Since then, a large number of cryptosystems have been proposed in pairing-based cryptography (PBC). The main tool for all such cryptosystems is the pairing map which can be defined on either composite or prime-order groups. Security of a public key cryptosystem is typically proved under some computational hardness assumption. PBC has witnessed an abundance of parameterized/interactive assumptions. However, it is well-known that such assumptions have several limitations. In this talk we explore the question of security and efficiency of pairing-based cryptosystems based on static assumptions. We have investigated the efficacy of the following approaches towards this goal: (i). frameworks for converting cryptosystems from composite to prime-order bilinear pairing setting, (ii). DejaQ framework, for removing dependency on parameterized assumption and (iii). dual-form signature technique, for removing dependency on parameterized/interactive assumption. In the course of discussion, I will also present my current and future research plans.

摘要 Abstract

R. Kabaleeshwaran completed his Ph.D. (Eng) degree from Department of Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science in December 2020. Before that, he worked as a senior research fellow for one year and worked as a lecture for one year. Earlier, he has completed M.Tech. (IT) from University of Hyderabad, M.Sc. (Mathematics) from Madurai Kamaraj University and B.Sc. (Mathematics) from Gandhigram Rural University.