Research Areas


Work Experience

2020-present, Yau Mathematical Sciences Center, Tsinghua University;    
Sept. 2009-2020 Professor (tenured), Cyprus U. of Technology, Faculty of Communication and Media Studies (since October 2015)    
Sept. 2005-June 2006 Visiting Scholar, Statistics Department, Harvard University; on sabbatical from N.U.S.    
Aug. 1998-June 2010 Professor (tenured), Dept. of Statistics and Applied Probability, National University of Singapore; on leave 2009-2010    
June 1995-July 2000 Professor(tenured), Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics,  Universite de Montreal    
April 1993-July 1996 Associate Professor(tenured), Statistics Department, University of California in Santa Barbara; on leave 1995-96    
June 1989-May 1995 Associate Professor(tenured), Dept. of Math. and Stat.,  Universite de Montreal; on leave 1993-95    
July 1986-June 1990 Assistant Professor(tenure track), Statistics Department,  Columbia University; on leave 1988-90    
June 1983-July 1986 Assistant Professor(tenure track), Statistics Department,  Rutgers University