Yau Mathematical Sciences Center was originally launched in December 2009 as Mathematical Sciences Center, Tsinghua University. Professor Shing-Tung Yau is the Director since its inception. At the end of 2014, the Ministry of Education approved naming the center as Yau Mathematical Sciences Center (YMSC).

As one of the most premier mathematical centers in the world, YMSC is devoted to conducting frontier research in mathematical sciences, educating and nurturing young talents, promoting international academic exchanges, and advancing mathematical research and teaching in China. Centered on fundamental mathematics, YMSC’s scientific research spans a broad range in basic mathematics, applied mathematics, computational mathematics and engineering-related interdisciplinary research.

Under the leadership of Professor Shing-Tung Yau, mathematical sciences at Tsinghua has been growing tremendously fast during the last ten years, with Tsinghua math being ranked 26th in 2018 QS World Universities Rankings by Subject, compared with 51th-100th in 2015.

YMSC has made remarkable achievements in faculty enrollment and development. Up to now, there are 101 full-time faculty members and research fellows, including 16 full professors, 9 associate professors, 38 assistant professors, and 38 postdoctoral fellows working actively at YMSC, and 20% of them come from countries outside China as the United States, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, South Korea and Chile. Of the total faculty members, 63% are under the age of 35, and 14% are female. 18 faculty members received support from various national talent projects or programs. In addition, there are 9 overseas leading experts serving as long-term adjunct professors at YMSC.

YMSC gives top priority to the admission and education of mathematical talent. With the great support from Tsinghua University, YMSC began to admit graduates for master and doctoral programs from 2012, and launched the Yau Math Talent Undergraduate Program in 2018, which began to admit international students for doctoral program in mathematics from 2019.

Around teaching, research and talent education, YMSC has been on the right track of tapping the potential of and educating young talent. It launched a number of talent discovery and education platforms, including the S.-T. Yau High School Science Award for high school students across the world, the S.-T. Yau College Mathematics Contests for college students in Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan areas, the New World Mathematics Award for Chinese undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students across the world, and the ICCM (International Consortium of Chinese Mathematicians) Medal of Mathematics (originally Morningside Awards) for Chinese mathematicians under the age of 45 across the world, thus creating conditions for the development of young mathematical talent at multiple levels and through multiple channels, setting up platforms for young talent with potential in mathematics to devote themselves to the research of basic sciences as early as possible.

YMSC has always been actively open its arms to experts, scholars and young talent from all over the world to visit YMSC to promote academic exchanges and hold international conferences. Every year, nearly 300 famous domestic and overseas scholars visit YMSC, giving academic talks, delivering series of lectures, and offering short-term courses.

The development and innovation of mathematics cannot be achieved without exchange and interaction of ideas, knowledge and methods. At Shing-Tung Yau’s initiative, the unique world-class mathematical forum in Asia ---- Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematical Forum (TSIMF) was inaugurated at the end of 2013. With great support from Tsinghua University, Hainan Province and Sanya City, TSIMF integrates research and academic exchange, where top international mathematicians come together for communication, innovation and development. So far, TSIMF has received a total of more than 4000 world scholars and experts, and witnessed a total of nearly 2600 presentations made by world top scientists, including 3 winners of Nobel Prize, 7 Fields Medalists, and numerous members of European and American national academies of sciences, which covered basic mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, theoretical physics, applied physics, and other cross disciplines.

With the future in mind,
YMSC remains committed to basic sciences research,
and will vigorously introduce and incubate first-class scientific talent,
initiate and organize international cooperation and exchanges in the field of basic scientific research and interdisciplinary research,
and shoulder its responsibility of educating outstanding undergraduates and graduates,
in a bid to achieve major breakthroughs in future-oriented basic research and groundbreaking original work.

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