Name Title Affliation date email
Paul Horn Associate professor University of Denver 2019-7-15 ~ 2020-7-14
Wu haiqi Student Yale University 2019-8-23 ~ 2020-1-13
Sébastien Palcoux Post-doc Harvard University 2019-9-1 ~ 2020-8-31
Ma Tao Student The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 2019-11-18 ~ 2020-2-18
Wu xianchao Post-doc McGill University 2020-1-1 ~ 2020-9-30
Toshiki Mabuchi Professor Osaka University 2020-1-6 ~ 2020-1-12
Yannis Yatracos Professor Cyprus University of Technology 2020-1-9 ~ 2020-9-8
Klemm Otto Albrecht Professor University of Bonn 2020-1-13 ~ 2020-9-30
Ana Kolar Founder of Tarastats Tarastats Statistical Consultancy 2020-2-13 ~ 2020-6-21
Tadahisa Funaki Professor Waseda University 2020-2-20 ~ 2020-3-31
Shihoko Ishii Professor The University of Tokyo 2020-3-1 ~ 2020-3-11

Preparation before visiting

Visa Applying:

Please apply working visa before visiting(F-visa,Z-visa,R-visa), we will provide an invitation letter for you to apply this visa.
If you would like to apply the F visa, please submit the following:
1)passport (color scanning)
2)fill in the information form(attachment

Hotel or apartment in campus

1) hotel in campus: Jiasuo/Jinchun Yuan
Fees: 500 RMB/day

2)Zijing Apartment
Single Room (one bedroom) 112 RMB/day
Double Room (two bedroom) 168 RMB/day
With washing room, no kitchen, each floor has public laundry room.

Check in
Address: Reception desk, first floor, No.19 Building, Zijing Apartment
Fees: 200RMB deposit (self-pay), if agreeable, the room fee could be prepaid by us for you, and then those fees will be deducted from the salary later.
Tel: +86-10-51535501

3)Visiting Apartment;
About 8000 BMB/month, two bedrooms, one kitchen one bathroom and one study room, with basic furniture and home appliances. No elevator and you need to pay the water, electricity and gas.

Check in
Address: Jingzhai Room 111(8:00-17:00), Please get the key from the doorman for non-working time(24 hours working time)
Fees: The room fee could be prepaid by us for you, (if agreeable, and then those fees will be deducted from the salary later.)
Tel: +86-10-62782355

4)Wenjin International Hotel-nearby hotel
Address: Wenjin Internationl Hotel, Tsinghua Science Park, Chengfu Road, Haidian District, Beijing. br /> Tel: +86-10-62525566<

Course information form (attachment 2)

Visiting Here

1.Arriving- transportation means

1) Taxi: From the airport to Tsinghua, Fees are about 150 RMB.
2)Subway:Western Gate of Tsinghua East Gate (Line 15), Wudaokou (Line 13), Yuanmin Park (Line 4)
3)Shuttle bus: 6:50-1:00(Before dawn)

2. 2.Registration

3. Residence( Accommodation) Registration(Foreign Scholars)

According to the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China, all the overseas people(including foreigners and people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)shall, within 24 hours after arrival, go through the registration formalities with (at) the public security organs in the places of residence.
1)For overseas people living in Zijing Building 23#, they should register when check-in at the general reception desk in Zijing Building 19#.
2)For overseas people living in the apartments (except Zijing Building 23#) on campus, they shall report to (should go to) the Zhongguancun police station( and complete the registration process )with the valid passport, accompanied with the secretary (by a secretary of YMSC) within 24 hours after arrival. When overseas people change their residence information (such as address, Visa, Passport, etc.), they are required to report to the local police station within 24 hours with the old accommodation form and passport.
3) For overseas people living in the hotel, they will help to do the registration when you check in.
4) For overseas people living outside of campus, please go with the landlord who should bring their ID card and property ownership certificate to register in (at) the local police station.

Zhong Guan Cun (Zhongguancun) police station
Time: Monday to Friday, 8:30~11:30, 14:00~17:00
Address: No. 17 Jia, South Three Street, Zhong Guan Cun, Haidian, District, Beijing
Contact: +86-10-82615877

4. Arrive information;

Office address: Room 111, Jing Zhai, Tsinghua University
Contact: +86-10 -62797712
Please prepare the following documents: Boarding Pass, Invoice, Entry Stamp, Visa Page- for those we can scan from your passport; You will get your office card; Meal Card; Internet Account and Tsinghua Map when you arrive here;

5.The secretary will help the equipment for the first class and sign in


1) Temporary meal card: You could use this card in those dining room such as Lan Yuan/Nan Yuan/Bei Yuan/Jia Yuan/Guanchou Yuan/Yushu Yuan/Zhilan Yuan.
2)Other dining restaurant (by cash) Jinchuan Yuan; Jiasuo; Xichun Yuan; Qingqing fast food;

7. Please provide bank information

1)Chinese bank card information
2)Overseas bank information

After the visiting

1. Please remember to return the office key to us before you leave, including the temporary meal card and southwest door card (only for the visitors who live in southwest building)

2. Please scan your returning boarding pass or departure stamp to us within 2 weeks after departure, so that we can help to reimburse for you soon.

Other service information

1.Internet service br /> reference link:

2. Shopping, sports from campus sources;
reference link:

3. Public printer (Please use your USB for storage)
1) First floor, Jinchunyuan West Building (near the Conference Room 1)
2) No. 203, printing room in Jingzhai
3) North direction of the first floor in Jingzhai;

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