Yau Math Talents Undergraduate Program

Yau Math Talents Undergraduate Program

With the active advocacy by Shing-Tung Yau, the Ministry of Education approved in February 2018 to launch Yau Math Talents Undergraduate Program (“YMTUP”) at Tsinghua University, with Prof. Shing-Tung Yau being the Chief Professor.


YMTUP targets at high school second-year and third-year students with excellent school records. The entrance exam will be held in the autumn semester each year (with the specific time subject to the admission policies). Under the leadership of Tsinghua University Leading Group on Admission, Tsinghua University Admission Office organizes and implements the admission to YMTUP following strict exam procedures. Students who pass the preliminary exam are required to take tests organized by Tsinghua University’s including comprehensive test, disciplinary competence test and psychological test. YMSC organizes disciplinary competence test to examine basic mathematical knowledge and learning ability of the students. Students with excellent test results will be admitted to Undergraduate Program in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, and they are not permitted to transfer to other majors during undergraduate study.

Admission policies will be published at Tsinghua Admission. Students should apply on line at the due time. Please visit Tsinghua Admission at http://www.tsinghua.edu.cn/publish/bzw/index.html

Student Training:

YMTUP sets up Math Talents Classes, provides the students with supervisors, and makes personalized training curriculum. Students are given all-sided guidance and advice in terms of course registration, class performance, extracurricular discussions, mental health and so on. Tenured professors provide guidance on course registration for the students. Besides taking courses required in Guide to Undergraduate Program in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, students are encouraged to deeply explore their own interest, take self-improvement courses, actively organize seminars to share ideas and explore mathematics. Students who have spare energy are encouraged to take or sit in on senior courses. Excellent students will be selected to visit international well-known universities for exchange. The program will explore the development patterns of top mathematical talents taking full consideration of both mental and psychological growth of teenagers, and endeavor to educate a new generation of leading talents in mathematics.

Admission Data:

In September 2018, 15 students were admitted to 2018 Yau Math Talents Undergraduate Program;

In October 2018, the admission of 2019 Yau Math Talents Undergraduate Program was ended successfully, 18 students will enroll for this program in September 2019.

Program Team Members:

Chief Professor: Shing-Tung Yau

Program Directors: Huang Xiaoxia, Zou Wenming

Program Members: Xiao Jie, Ye Jun, Zhang Youjin

Li Si, Yu Pin, Wu Hao

Song Wei, Yang Fan, Su Peng

Contact: +86-10-62794058, Ms. Sun

Email: ymsc_academics@tsinghua.edu.cn