Undergraduate Program in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at Tsinghua University requires students to systematically study basic theories, basic knowledge and basic methods of mathematics and applied mathematics, develops their abilities to resolve a number of practical mathematical questions by using mathematical knowledge and computers, helps them build solid foundation in mathematics and acquire the ability for knowledge renewal and innovation, and nurtures them to be mathematical talents in secondary education and scientific research.

This program covers five areas, including basic mathematics, applied mathematics, probability and statistics, computational mathematics, operations research and cybernetics. In the first and second years, the student is required to take basic core courses such as mathematical analysis, advanced algebra, ordinary differential equations, abstract algebra, complex analysis, measure theory and integral calculus, and probability theory; in the third and fourth years, the student will choose one of the five areas as his/her major based on individual learning ability, interest and ambition, and then take all of the required core specialization courses in this specific area.

The typical duration of the program is 4 years. The students who have met the degree requirements will be conferred the Bachelor of Science degree.

In order to further discover and educate mathematically gifted young students, encourage them to undertake mathematical research as early as possible, and develop a new generation of young leading talents in mathematics, Tsinghua University launched the Tsinghua Xuetang Math Talents Undergraduate Program in September 2009, and Yau Math Talents Undergraduate Program in 2018, with Prof. Shing-Tung Yau being Chief Professor of both programs. Besides taking courses required in Guide to Undergraduate Program in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, students are also encouraged to deeply explore personal interest in mathematics, actively organize seminars, independently take self-improvement courses, take or sit in on senior courses. Excellent students will be selected to visit international well-known universities for exchange.

To promote the students’ comprehensive development and serve the needs of social and economic development for high-level versatile talents, Tsinghua University offers programs for both second bachelor’s degree and undergraduate minors.

Please see THU Regulations on Undergraduate Degree Programs; and THU Regulations on Undergraduate Minor Programs.