Mini courses usually last for 1-3 months. YMSC invites international top mathematicians to give mini-courses during their visits at YMSC. From 2010 to 2021, YMSC has opened a total of 502 mini-courses altogether, with an average of more than 50 courses each year.

Course name Speaker Date
Knot Theory Prof. Vassily Olegovich Manturov (Russian Academy of Sciences) 2022-05-12~2022-07-03
Combinatorics Prof. Jie Ma (USTC) 2022-05-10~2022-07-14
Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Prof. Siu-Tat Chui (University of Delaware) 2022-4-14~
Panorama of Dynamics and Geometry of Moduli Spaces and Applications Prof. Anton Zorich (Université Paris Cité) 2022-04-05~2022-05-31
Mini-course on Springer theory for double affine Hecke algebras (1/3) Prof. Wille Liu (Max Planck Institute) 2022-3-15/22/29
Recent developments in Seiberg-Witten theory Prof. Hokuto Konno (University of Tokyo) 2022-3-16/24/28
Orbits of algebraic transformations Prof. Serge Cantat (University of Rennes 1) 2022-3-15~2022-6-2
Stochastic Analysis and its Applications Prof. Tadahisa Funaki (University of Tokyo) 2022-3-8~2022-6-10
YMSC/BIMSA Short Course: Perverse schobers Merlin Christ(University of Hamburg) 2022-2-23~2022-4-13
Anticanonically balanced metrics and the Hilbert-Mumford criterion Yoshinori Hashimoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology) 2022-1-12/14/17
Perturbation problems for extremal Kähler metrics Lars Martin Sektnan (University of Gothenburg) 2021-12-6/7/8
Brief Introduction to Genera and Applications Professor Fei Han (National University of Singapore) 2021-12-04
Positivity of direct images and some applications in complex geometry Junyan Cao 2021-11-24
Singular constant scalar curvature Kähler metrics Kai Zheng (Tonji University) 2021-10-26
Hyperbolicity of moduli spaces of polarized varieties Ya Deng 2021-10-20
The formal moment map geometry of the space of symplectic connections Laurent La Fuente-Gravy 2021-09-06
Fourier multiplier techniques for partial differential equations Peter Wittwer 2021-08-11
Aspects of holography and irrelevant deformations Luis Apolo 2021-03-31