Gravity without Ensembles?

组织者 Organizer:James Sully (British Columbia
时间 Time: Monday, 7th December 10:00 AM
地点 Venue:Zoom ID: 388 528 9728 Password: BIMSA

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It was long believed that resolving the black hole information paradox requires input from the microscopic details of quantum gravity---something beyond the reach of semiclassical effective field theory. In that light, one of the most surprising recent discoveries has been that signature features of the unitary evaporation of black holes can already be seen within effective field theory, albeit with the inclusion of 'euclidean wormholes'. However, these novel contributions are best understood when the gravitational theory is not a single microscopic theory, but an ensemble of many different theories. I will explain how particular ensembles are relevant to the physics of a single microscopic theory and discuss lessons for understanding the gravitational path integral.