Toric Geometry, Convolutional Neural Networks and Topological Data Analysis

组织者 Organizer:Rak-Kyeong Seong
时间 Time: 周五 13:30 -15:00,2020 - 12 - 4
地点 Venue:Zoom Meeting ID: 388 528 9728 Passcode: BIMSA

讨论班简介 Description

This talk is aimed at a general audience and will overview recent developments in machine learning research and its impact on mathematics and mathematical physics. In particular, the talk will review the work 1706.03346 and how it introduced a deep neural network in order to study invariants of toric Calabi-Yau manifolds. The talk will also illustrate how concepts in mathematics have shaped the development of new machine learning methods. In particular, the talk will overview how concepts in topology are introduced in machine learning in order to extract interesting features in large datasets.

报告摘要 Abstract

Dr. Rak-Kyeong Seong is a Senior Researcher at the AI Advanced Research Lab at Samsung SDS in Seoul, South Korea. He is based at the Samsung R&D Campus in the center of Seoul.

His work at Samsung SDS focuses on developing cutting edge AI solutions based on Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning in order to improve services and products across Samsung’s affiliates and their customers.

Before joining Samsung SDS, he was an Assistant Professor at the Yau Mathematical Sciences Center (YMSC) at Tsinghua University until February 2019.