Introduction to the Minimal Model Program

组织者 Organizer:欧文浩(中科院副研究员)
时间 Time: 周四/二 13:30-15:00,2020-7-16~30
地点 Venue:线上

讨论班简介 Description

Course Description:The goal of this course is to give an introduction to the Minimal Model Program. We will start by reviewing some basic notion in birational geometry and the minimal model program for surfaces, which had already been established by the end of 19th century. Then we will proceed to the higher dimensional setting and introduce the cone theorem. We will also study MMP singularities in more details. In the end, we will try to describe the breakthrough in the last decade, especially the existence of minimal models of log general type (BCHM). Prerequisite:The course tries to be as self-contained as possible. Nevertheless, some basic knowledge in algebraic geometry, such as the notion of varieties, sheaves, projective morphisms, would help a lot. All of these prerequisites can be found in Hartshorne’s Algebraic Geometry book. Reference: Hartshornes, Algebraic Geometry Iitaka, Algebraic Geometry Kawamata and Matsuda and Matsuki, Introduction to the Minimal Model Program Kollár and Mori, Birational Geometry of Algebraic Varieties

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