We will arrange buses to provide free shuttle service between the Tsinghua University and attractions. Finally, the buses will be back to the Tsinghua University and then to the Friendship Hotel. Please pay attention to the indicator in front of each bus in case of getting a wrong one.

Attraction 1: The Summer Palace
The splendid regal encampment of the Summer Palace is one of Beijing’s must-see sights. This former playground for the imperial court fleeing the insufferable summer torpor of the old imperial city is a marvel of landscapings: a wonderful, over-the-top mix of temples, gardens, pavilions, lakes, bridges, gate-towers and corridors. Packed with stunning individual sights, it’s a fine place just to walk around in the sunshine, while the views from here are some of the best in all Beijing.

Attraction 2: Yuanming Yuan Park
The Yuanming Yuan Park is located in Northwest Beijing. It is a masterpiece of royal gardens in China and is known worldwide as a famous scenic spot. It was extolled as the “Garden of Gardens” and the “Versailles of the East” during its heyday. It was an imperial summer resort painstakingly built and repeatedly expanded under the personal supervision of five emperors of the Qing Dynasty.