Symposium III: Unreasonable Effectiveness of Big Data

Time: Afternoon, August 6, 2016
Place: The Great Hall of the People, Beijing, China

Big data has been transforming the computing industry and Internet business. In this panel, the speakers will discuss the theoretical and research challenges of big data, and share experiences of successful consumer and enterprise applications of big data to search, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence. It is widely believed that much of the recent success is due to the unreasonable effectiveness of using big data, in addition to the increasingly powerful computing devices, and the breakthrough of clever algorithms. The panel will also take an advance look at the future opportunities of big data in terms of technology trends, product development and business opportunities.


Feng Deng Founding Managing Director of Northern Light Venture Capital
Jianqing Fan Frederick L. Moore ’18 Professor of Finance at Princeton University
Dowson Tong Senior Executive Vice President and President of Social Network Group at Tencent
Jian Wang Chairman of the Technology Steering Committee at Alibaba Group


Harry Shum Executive Vice President of Technology and Research at Microsoft Corporation