Symposium II: Quantitative Biology and Biomedicine

Time: Afternoon, August 6, 2016
Place: The Great Hall of the People, Beijing, China

This session features four distinguished speakers focusing on the mathematical aspects of modern biology and medicine. Advances in biotechnology are producing unprecedented quantities of data that are revolutionizing our understanding of biology and medicine. Topics include next-generation DNA sequencing, systems biology, cancer and neurobiology. The discussion in this session aims to point to some of the enormous opportunities for the mathematical sciences to make essential contributions to these important subjects.


Luonan Chen Executive Director and Professor of Key Laboratory of Systems Biology at the
Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jianfeng Feng Professor of Mathematics and Director of the Centre for Computational Systems Biology
at Fudan University
Wen-Hsiung L Director of the Biodiversity Research Center at Academia Sinica
Xuegong Zhang Professor of Pattern Recognition and Bioinformatics at Tsinghua University


Michael S. Waterman Professor of Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Southern California