Poster session

A poster session will be held at Tsinghua University’s New Tsinghua Xuetang and West Lecture Hall.

Time: August 1, 2016
Place: New Tsinghua Xuetang, Tsinghua University

Time: August 2-5, 2016
Place: West Lecture Hall, Tsinghua University

Standard Poster: Size (A1:594mm×840mm); Format (Vertical, Width no larger than 650mm, Height no larger than 900mm)

Poster list:

First Name Last Name Affiliation Title
Lakshya Bhardwaj Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics Category of branes for 2d N=(2,2) theories in the presence of twisted masses
Arpan Bhattacharyya Fudan University Instanton corrections to entanglement entropy
Subham Dutta Chowdhury Indian Institute Of Science Global gravitational anomalies and transport
Wen-Cong Gan Nanchang University Emergent spacetimes from CFT at finite temperature through cMERA and SS-duality
Ping Gao Harvard University Traversable Wormholes via a Double Trace Deformation
Xin Gao Virginia Tech Multiple Fibrations in CY Geometry and String Dualities
Kanato Goto The University of Tokyo, Komaba Causal Evolutions of Bulk Local Excitations from CFT
Yuto Ito The Korea Institute for Advanced Study Superconformal index with surface defects for class S_k
Patrick Jefferson Harvard University Negative branes, lie supergroups and the signature of spacetime
Imtak Jeon Korea Institute for Advanced Study Supersymmetric Localization for BPS Black Hole Entropy: 1-loop Partition Function from Vector Multiplets
Tuo Jia University of Science and Technology of China Dynamically flavored description of holographic QCD in the presence of a magnetic field
Yukio Kaneko Tohoku university Higher gauge theories based on QP-manifold
Surbhi Khetrapal CHEP, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Universal corrections to entanglement entropy of local quantum quenches
Mikhail Khramtsov Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences On boundary thermalization by local bulk dynamics
Piotr Kucharski University of Warsaw BPS invariants from (extremal) A-polynomials
Yang Lei Durham University Chern-Simons Horava Lifshitz gravity
Wenliang Li University of Crete On the actions of interacting spin-2 fields.
Xiaojian Li North China University of Technology Modelling The Universe By G-String Theory
Yongchao Lu University of Cincinnati Classification of rank-1 4d N=2 SCFTs by seibeig witten geometry
Hironori Mori Osaka University Replace title and abstract
Zhang-Yu Nie Kunming University of Science and Technology Competition between s-wave and p-wave orders in holographic model
Bo Ning Sichuan University Relative Entropy and Torsion Coupling
Yiwen Pan Uppsala University Intersecting Surface Defects and Two Dimensional CFT
Hongfei Shu Tokyo Institute of Technology ODE/IM correspondence for modified $B_2^{(1)}$ affine Toda field equation
Xin Wang University of Science and Technology of China On Exact Quantization Conditions, Spectral determinant and non-perturbative Topological String for Toric Calabi-Yau Geometries
Yi Wang Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Measuring the Expansion History of the Primordial Universe
Yi-Nan Wang Center for Theoretical Physics, MIT Classification of F-Theory Geometries and Constraints on Quantum Supergravity
Jieqiang Wu Peking University 1-loop partition function in AdS_3/CFT_2
Zebang Xu Qingdao No.2 High School The application of AdS/CFT
Yun-Long Zhang National Taiwan University Rindler Fluid and Its Properties
Hong Zhang Sogang University Nekrasov and Argyres-Douglas states with spherical Hecker algebra
Jia-Ju Zhang Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS Short interval expansion of R\’enyi entropy on torus
Rui-Dong Zhu The University of Tokyo Coherent states in Ding-Iohara algebra and qq-character for 5d SYM
Huajia Wang University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Modular Hamiltonians for deformed half-spaces and the Averaged Null Energy Condition