Superconformal field theories in various dimensions
Student No.:40
Time:Mon & Fri 15:20-16:55
Instructor:Babak Haghighat  [Tsinghua University]
Place:Conference Room 1, Jinchun Yuan West Building
Starting Date:2017-10-9
Ending Date:2018-1-5


This course is an introduction to so called superconformal field theories (SCFTs). We will cover their classification as first established by W. Nahm. Then we will move on to discuss modern developments including topics such as RG flows, dualities, construction of conformal blocks and aspects of geometric engineering.



Quantum Field Theory, Supersymmetry, knowledge on Conformal Field Theory helpful.



-“Supersymmetries and their Representations”, by W. Nahm
 -“Deformations of Superconformal Field Theories”, arXiv:1602.01217