Classical and Quantum walks
Student No.:50
Time:13:00-14:50 2017-4-25/4-27/4-28, 15:10-17:00 2017-4-26
Instructor:Alberto Grunbaum  [UC Berkeley]
Place:Conference room 1, 2017-4-25/4-27/4-28; Conference room 3, 2017-4-26
Starting Date:2017-4-25
Ending Date:2017-4-28


We will discuss recurrence properties of the standard walk in dimensions 1,2 and 3. A brief look at Brownian motion and the Feynman- Kac formula. We will discuss quantum walks and their
recurrence properties. A look at the Parrondo paradox.




Basic linear algebra, Basic analysis



D. Stroock     An introduction to Markov processes, Springer

J. Lamperti     Probability theory, Benjamin