Dynamics seminar
Student No.:40
Time:Fri 15:10-16:10, Oct.26-Jan.18
Instructor:Xue Jinxin, Huang Guan, Wang Lin  
Place:Lecture Hall, Jin Chun Yuan West Bldg.
Starting Date:2018-10-26
Ending Date:2019-1-18


Speaker: Hiroyoshi Mitake (The University of Tokyo)

Title: On large-time behavior for birth-spread type nonlinear PDEs

In this talk, we introduce birth-spread type nonlinear partial differential equations which is motivated by a crystal growth phenomenon. Mathematically, an interesting nonlinear phenomenon in terms of asymptotic speed of solutions appears which is sensitive to the shapes of source terms. We discuss properties of large-time asymptotic speed, and also present recent results of large-time asymptotic profile of solutions.
This is a joint work with Y. Giga (Univ. of Tokyo) and H. V. Tran (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison).


Speaker: Alxandre Boritchev [Université Claude-Bernard (Lyon I)]

Title: Exponential convergence and hyperbolicity of the minimisers for random Lagrangian systems

We consider the stochastic Burgers equation from the Lagrangian point of view (long-time behaviour of the minimisers) as well as from the point of view of the statistical behaviour of the solutions (long-time convergence towards the stationary measure). In both cases there is a phenomenon of exponential convergence.
Part of the presentation is about a joint work with K. Khanin (University of Toronto)font>