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1. Each workshop is centered around a theme for the advancement of scholarship in mathematical sciences.
2. There are about 50 participants in each workshop.
3. Generally, 1/3 of the participants are from outside the Chinese Mainland, 1/3 are young mathematicians, and one of the organizers is from China.
4. Normally, each workshop runs from Monday to Friday. Participants will check in on Saturday or Sunday and check out on the following Saturday.
5. Each workshop is recommended to hold a session on open problems.
6. Meals and lodging at TSIMF of up to 50 invited participants during the workshop will be covered.
7. Upon the completion of each workshop, the organizers are requested to submit a report on the academic activities of the workshop containing abstracts or full papers of the talks and the open problem session.
8. TSIMF staff will handle the invitation centrally.

A conference is to bring together researchers in an area for the exchange ideas and the communication of latest developments in that area. The largest lecture hall at TSIMF has a capacity of 350. Normally, one of the organizers of the conference is from China. A completion report is required. For approved conference, TSIMF may cover the meals and lodging of up to 50 invited participants. The conference organizers are responsible for the organization works of the conference. TSIMF can provide conference organization service with a fee.

This program aims to meet collaborators’ need to get together to work in an undisturbed environment for a short period of time. The length of the stay at TSIMF is normally a few weeks. Meals and lodging at TSIMF will be covered. A completion report is required.

Application Procedures:
Organizers should submit proposals electronically to

The proposal should contain the following.
(i) Name and title of the event
(ii) Academic justification and expected outcomes of the proposed event (about 300 to 1000 words)
(iii) Proposed date and duration (It is good to also propose some alternative dates.)
(iv) Names, affiliation and contact information of organizers.
(v) Proposed participants and their contact information.
(vi) Sponsorship and financial arrangement.

• Workshop application should be submitted about 8 months in advance.
• Conference application should be submitted 1 year in advance.
• Research-in-team application should be submitted 8 weeks in advance.

Important TSIMF Rules:

Dear Organizers and Participants,

According to the new national policy of China for the International Conferences (Workshops), Financial Department of Tsinghua University has issued and implemented relatively new financial rules. Please kindly refer to the formal EXAMPLE of one workshop (December 12-16, 2016) at TSIMF which conforms the related regulations. It could be applicable to all workshops, conferences, programs etc. at TSIMF.