Geometric Mechanics

Geometric mechanics has matured to a main subject at the interface between several areas such as symplectic, Poisson, and Dirac geometry, dynamical systems, variational calculus, theoretical physics, numerical analysis, control theory, and various areas of engineering science. The subject continues to thrive and develop, both by widening its core to include other theoretical fields such as integrable systems, Poisson geometry, Lie theory and conservative evolutionary PDEs and by reaching out to new applied areas such as imaging science, discrete differential geometry, stochastic analysis, or materials science. The workshop will concentrate on the following core subjects: Poisson Geometry, Nonholonomic Mechanics, Discrete Mechanics, Control Theory.

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Ping XuPennsylvania State University, USA
Jianghua Luthe University of Hong Kong, China
Zhang-Ju LiuPeking University, China
Mathieu StienonPennsylvania State University, USA
Yannick VoglaireUniversité du Luxembourg, Luxembourg