The China-Korea joint seminar on number theory

We will organize a joint seminar on number theory between the young number theorists of China and Korea. We will invite twenty-two speakers in the seminar, ten respectively from China and Korea, two from Europe. The contents of the lectures cover the various topics in modern number theory, including Arithmetic Geometry, Algebraic Number Theory, Automorphic Forms. The main purpose of the joint seminar is to set up the platform to understand and exchange each other between Chinese number theorists and Korean number theorists. As my knowing, the history of modern number theory, especially analytic number theory in China is longer than that in Korean, but the starting point of number theory in Korea is higher than that in China, for example, almost all faculty members in good universities in Korea got Ph.D in USA. In addition, Korea is closed to China: the nearest foreign capital from Beijing is Soule. So on number theory, the two countries can facilitate each other and promote common development. Within 2-3 years, we will also hold the same kind of seminar in Korea.

The lectures in the seminar will include the subject of Galois representations, Neron models, elliptic curves, class groups and class numbers, trace formula, automorphic representations, circle methods, and so on.

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Sunghan BaeKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Jian-Ya LiuShandong University
Lin-Sheng YinTsinghua University