Modeling, Analysis, Simulations and Applications of Inter-Facial Dynamics and FSI Problems

The focus of the workshop will be on mathematical modeling and analysis of interface dynamics problems, and fluid interaction problems, the theory and analysis of the related partial differential equations, modeling, and recently developed numerical techniques and the applications. The nature of this workshop will be mathematics centered with multi-disciplinary multi-physics applications, particularly in computational fluid mechanics, mathematical biology, materials sciences, and other related areas.

The workshop will bring scientists and engineers from China, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, other Asia countries, America, and Europe together to exchange scientific ideas, the recent development of theoretical and numerical techniques, new mathematical models and analysis, in the field and forge collaborations.



Zhilin LiNorth Carolina State University, USA
Tiegan Liu

Beihang University, China

Chensong ZhangLSEC, Chinese Academy of Science