Recent Advances in Extremal Combinatorics

Extremal Combinatorics is a rapidly developing branch of mathematics, which has many far-reaching applications in computer science, coding theory, operations research, biology, and other natural and social sciences. The workshop will focus on a wide range of areas within extremal combinatorics, focusing on recent advances. Some specific areas that will be covered include Extremal Graph and Hypergraph Theory, Ramsey theory, structural questions on graphs with an extremal flavor, probabilistic questions on graphs and hypergraphs, and connections of extremal combinatorics to problems in computer science. The workshop aims to bring the world-class top researchers as well as exciting rising young researchers together, to stimulate the further development of the field, to foster interactions between leading experts and junior researchers, and to enhance the connection between the Chinese extremal combinatorics community and its international counterpart.


Tao JiangMiami University, USA
Jie MaUniversity of Science and Technology of China
Dhruv MubayiUniversity of Illinois at Chicago, USA