Young Geometric Analysts' Forum 2016

Many celebrated results in geometry and topology have been proved by geometric analysis approaches in recent years. More and more mathematicians with different backgrounds, e.g. Riemannian geometry, partial differential equations, topology and even probability, come to contribute in the field of geometric analysis. This workshop aims to bring young geometric analysts to the frontiers of the research in this field, and to inspire collaborations among attendees. Following the model of Young Geometric Analysts' Forum 2015, this workshop will have about 45 speakers, two thirds of whom are from overseas. A special session on open problems in geometric analysis will be scheduled. Participants are encouraged to submit and present open problems in his/her research area at the open problem session.


Bobo HuaFudan University
Mijia Lai (co-chair)Shanghai Jiaotong University
Yi Li (co-chair)Shanghai Jiaotong University
Zuoqin WangUniversity of Science and Technology of China
Guoyi XuTsinghua University