Mathematics Texts in East Asia Mathematics History

Mathematics texts and literature are the carriers of mathematics knowledge. They play important roles in the transmission, exchange, and advancement of mathematics knowledge. In East Asia, China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam all belonged to the Sinosphere, the region that used Chinese characters as recent as 100 years ago. Hence, they have much in common in terms of heritage in mathematics culture. For a long time, Chinese mathematics texts were a linkage of the mathematics culture of different countries within the Sinosphere. Because of the widespread use of Chinese characters as medium of communication and the circulation of Chinese mathematics texts, a mathematics cultural system distinct from that in the West was developed in East Asia. There were few academic activities in this area until recent years. The aim of this workshop is to bring together Eastern Asia mathematics history researchers and scholars to report new results and exchange ideas in the following topics:

(i) Contents and editions of East Asian mathematics texts
(ii) The spread and the influence of Chinese mathematics books in Sinosphere
(iii) Translation of mathematics texts from the West and its influence
(iv) Mathematics texts in East Asian mathematics history.


Lisheng FengTsinghua University, China
Tsukane OgawaSeki Kowa Institute of Mathematics, Japan