Mathematics and Statistics in Medical Imaging Applications

The term “Mathematics and Statistics in Medical Imaging Applications” (MSMIA) is aimed at encompassing a broad array of imaging, mathematical, and statistical methods for the analysis of medical image data. This workshop is motivated by the great need in the analysis of high-dimensional, correlated, and complex imaging data and clinical and genetic data obtained from various cross-sectional and clustered imaging studies. These imaging studies are essential to understanding the neural development of neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders, substance use disorders, the normal brain and the interactive effects of environmental and genetic factors on brain structure and function.

The workshop seeks to bring together a diverse group of researchers from different disciplines including mathematics, statistics, computer science, biomedical engineering, psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience, and radiology, among other related sciences, to explore the common structure that underlies such methodologies, and to use this knowledge in turn to motivate and synthesize new approaches.


Xiaotong ShenUniversity of Minnesota, USA
Tingting ZhangUniversity of Virginia, USA
Hongtu ZhuUNC-Chapel Hill, USA