Master Lectures--the Legacy of Emmy Noether and Gottingen mathematics

Noether's impact on mathematics is huge. Besides algebra, Noether also contributed crucially to conservation laws, invariant theory, representation theory, number theory, and algebraic topology. Her period in Gottingen was especially influential. Her work and the works of the Noether boys have changed the landscape of mathematics, and her emphasis on the underlying abstract algebraic aspect of mathematics is now an integral part of mathematics.

This year 2016 is special since it is 100 years after Noether went to Gottingen on the invitation of Hilbert and Klein. In view of this, this conference is organized to understand better the current status of fields influenced by Noether (such as commutative algebra, representation theory, number theory, algebraic geometry, arithmetic geometry, simple algebras, cohomology theories, and Lie theories etc) and her impact on the contemporary mathematics.


Shing-Tung Yau (Chair)Harvard University
Shiu-Yuen ChengTsinghua University
Yat-Sun PoonUniversity of California, Riverside
Li-Zhen JiTsinghua University
Jie Xiao Tsinghua University