Computational Seismology

Computational Seismology is the quantitative study of elastic wave propagation in the earth, giving understandings to many geological phenomena such as earthquakes. There are still many challenges in the numerical computations of direct and inverse problems related to elastic waves. In particular, the direct simulations of elastic waves require significant amount of computational power. It is therefore necessary to develop more advanced algorithms.

This workshop aims at bringing together researchers, scientists and graduate students from Mainland China, Hong Kong and abroad to exchange their research achievements in computational seismology, including low dispersion and fast algorithms for wave propagation, multiscale and model reduction methods, full waveform inversion, seismic imaging, optimal transport and Monge-Ampere techniques, among others. The workshop consists of both invited talks and poster sessions.


Eric ChungChinese University of Hong Kong
Bjorn EngquistUniversity of Texas at Austin
Jun ZouChinese University of Hong Kong
Zhiming ChenChinese Academy of Science