Complexity of Quantum Information and Computation

The conference “Quantum Information and Quantum Entanglement” at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, was held on July 16-17, 2010. Many outstanding researchers, both physicists and mathematicians, from China, Germany and other countries joined the conference, and discussed the following topics: measures of quantum entanglement, separability criteria, classification of quantum states under local operations, distillation, evolution of quantum entanglement; quantum computation and algorithms, quantum simulation, cryptography, error correction, dense coding, teleportation; Bell inequalities related to quantum entanglement and quantum mechanics; quantum qubits and decoherence in cold atoms, trapped ions, cavity QED, Josephson junction, linear and nonlinear optics and quantum dots. This workshop intends to take stock of what has been achieved in the meantime, as well as to include the young people that have entered the field in the meantime.


Xianqing Li-JostMax-Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Germany
Shao-Ming FeiCapital Normal University, China