Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Lectures on Kähler geometry and K-stability 2018-4-11 2018-6-15 Akito Futaki
  Representation theory of p-adic reductive groups 2018-4-9 2018-6-14 Xu Bin
  Complex hyperbolicity 2018-4-8 2018-6-7 谢松晏
  Integrable Geometry: Curves, Surfaces and Flows 2018-4-4 2018-6-21 PEDIT, Franz
  Stability conditions and cluster varieties from surfaces 2018-4-3 2018-4-26 Dylan Allegretti
  Aspects of String Geometry 2018-3-29 2018-4-28 George Papadopoulos
  线性及非线性波 2018-3-27 2018-6-14 曾惠慧
  Pseudorandom graphs and the Green-Tao theorem 2018-3-27 2018-3-29 Yufei Zhao
  Geometric Analysis Seminar 2018-3-17 2018-7-1 Xu Guoyi, Zhang Yingying
  Introduction to conservation laws 2018-3-9 2018-6-15 Luo Tianwen


Title Start Date End Date Instructor
Recent developments on metric measure spaces with Ricci bounds from below 2018-4-13 2018-4-14 Shouhei Honda
Fluid mechanics applied to geophysics and astrophysics 2018-3-30 2018-3-31 Wei Xing
Geometry and Physic seminar 2018-3-27 2018-3-27 Wei Li
On the finiteness of the classifying space for the family of virtually cyclic subgroups 2018-3-22 2018-3-23 Wu Xiaolei
Machine Learning in Financial Modeling 2018-3-20 2018-3-20 Agus Sudjianto
Extremal Kähler versions of the Yau-Tian-Donaldson Conjecture 2018-3-16 2018-3-16 Toshiki Mabuchi
Pao-Lu Hsu Distinguished Lecture 2018-3-15 2018-3-19 David Donoho
AG Seminar Spring 2018 2018-3-15 2018-6-7 Eduard Looijenga, Fu Lei, Xu Quan, Pan Jinzhao
Orbifold motivic cohomology and K-theory 2018-3-14 2018-3-14 Toan Nguyen Manh
Essential concepts of causal inference - a remarkable history 2018-3-12 2018-3-12 Donald Rubin
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