Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Moduli Spaces, Geometric Invariant Theory and Birational Geometry 2017-5-16 2017-7-27 Yi Hu
  Geometric Finiteness Theorems and their Applications 2017-5-9 2017-5-25 Wilderich Tuschmann
  Contact Hamiltonian Systems 2017-4-25 2017-6-13 Lin Wang
  Classical and Quantum walks 2017-4-25 2017-4-28 Alberto Grunbaum
  Topics in Mathematical Fluid Dynamics 2017-4-17 2017-6-7 Tianwen Luo
  Introduction to cluster algebras 2017-4-10 2017-6-7 Yin Tian
  An Introduction to Chern Simons Theory 2017-4-5 2017-6-2 Babak Haghighat
  Introduction to Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture 2017-3-20 2017-5-30 Chong Zhang
  Topics in geometric analysis 2017-3-7 2017-6-1 Yuguang Zhang
  Geometry and Physics Seminar 2017-3-7 2017-6-13 Si Li, Zhengyu Zong


Title Start Date End Date Instructor
Hecke-type algebras and cohomology of flag varieties 2017-5-31 2017-6-2 Changlong Zhong
Hessian formula for moment maps and the structure of automorphisms 2017-4-21 2017-4-21 Akito Futaki
Mini-workshop on Geometry, Topology and their Applications 2017-4-8 2017-4-9 Hai Lin, Yunhui Wu, Guoyi Xu
Computational & Applied Mathematics (CAM) Seminar 2017-3-29 2017-7-5 Zuoqiang Shi
Indecomposable self-injective Hochschild extension algebras 2017-3-16 2017-3-16 Kunio Yamagata
Derived categories and homological dimensions 2017-3-16 2017-3-16 Steffen Koenig
The Schottky problem from the metric perspective 2017-3-7 2017-3-7 Lizhen Ji
Kaehler-Yang-Mills equations and gravitating vortices 2017-3-6 2017-3-6 Oscar Garcia-Prada
AG Seminar Spring 2017 2017-3-2 2017-7-16 Eduard Looijenga, Dun Liang, Quan Xu
Seminar: Geometry of representations of quivers 2017-3-1 2017-6-14 Bangming Deng, Shiquan Ruan
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