Spring,2017  Course by Members

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Contact Hamiltonian Systems 2017-4-25 2017-6-13 Lin Wang
  Topics in Mathematical Fluid Dynamics 2017-4-17 2017-6-7 Tianwen Luo
  Introduction to cluster algebras 2017-4-10 2017-6-7 Yin Tian
  An Introduction to Chern Simons Theory 2017-4-5 2017-6-2 Babak Haghighat
  Topics in geometric analysis 2017-3-7 2017-6-1 Yuguang Zhang
  Moduli space of stable sheaves 2017-3-1 2017-6-7 Baosen Wu
  Quantum enveloping algebras and the q-deformed Fock space 2017-2-27 2017-6-12 Bangming Deng
  Introduce to Relative Trace Formula 2017-2-22 2017-6-7 Li Cai
  Topics in toric geometry 2017-2-21 2017-6-6 Zhengyu Zong
  Introduction to the Theory of Homogenization 2017-2-21 2017-6-6 Wenjia Jing
  Real Reductive Lie Groups 2017-2-21 2017-6-7 Xiaoguang Ma
  Introduction to String Theory 2017-2-21 2017-4-18 Wei Song
  Topics in noncommutative geometry 2017-2-20 2017-6-5 Si Li
  Modular forms from the representation theoretic point of view 2017-2-20 2017-6-7 Zongbin Chen
  Infinite dimensional Lie algebras 2017-2-20 2017-6-2 Daniele Valeri
  “signed” Riemannian metric on manifolds 2017-2-20 2017-6-5 Guoyi Xu

Spring,2017  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  An introduction to Anosov representations 2017-7-4 2017-7-27 Tengren Zhang
  Introduction to Donaldson-Thomas invariants 2017-5-18 2017-7-13 Yunfeng Jiang
  Moduli Spaces, Geometric Invariant Theory and Birational Geometry 2017-5-18 2017-7-27 Yi Hu
  Picture language in mathematics 2017-5-12 2017-5-31 Zhengwei Liu
  Geometric Finiteness Theorems and their Applications 2017-5-9 2017-5-25 Wilderich Tuschmann
  Classical and Quantum walks 2017-4-25 2017-4-28 Alberto Grunbaum
  Introduction to Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture 2017-3-20 2017-5-30 Chong Zhang
  Topics in Geometry and Topology 2017-2-27 2017-8-9 Kefeng Liu

Spring,2017  Introduction to Modern Mathematics Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor

Spring,2017  Seminar

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  On the extension and smoothing of the Calabi flow on complex tori 2017-6-5 2017-6-5 Hongnian Huang
  Hecke-type algebras and cohomology of flag varieties 2017-5-31 2017-6-2 Changlong Zhong
  Smooth structures on spheres and the Kervaire invariant problem 2017-4-26 2017-4-26 Zhouli Xu
  Mini-workshop on Geometry, Topology and their Applications 2017-4-8 2017-4-9 Hai Lin, Yunhui Wu, Guoyi Xu
  Computational & Applied Mathematics (CAM) Seminar 2017-3-29 2017-6-7 Zuoqiang Shi
  Indecomposable self-injective Hochschild extension algebras 2017-3-16 2017-3-16 Kunio Yamagata
  Derived categories and homological dimensions 2017-3-16 2017-3-16 Steffen Koenig
  The Schottky problem from the metric perspective 2017-3-7 2017-3-7 Lizhen Ji
  Geometry and Physics Seminar 2017-3-7 2017-6-13 Si Li, Zhengyu Zong
  Kaehler-Yang-Mills equations and gravitating vortices 2017-3-6 2017-3-6 Oscar Garcia-Prada
  AG Seminar Spring 2017 2017-3-2 2017-7-16 Eduard Looijenga, Dun Liang, Quan Xu
  Student Seminar on Hodge Theory 2017-3-1 2017-7-5 Eduard Looijenga
  Geometry of representations of quivers 2017-3-1 2017-6-14 Bangming Deng, Shiquan Ruan
  AdS(AdS, duality and Strings) seminar 2017-2-23 2017-7-13 Babak Haghighat, Hai Lin, Wei Song, Qiang Wen, Jianfei Xu
  Coisotropic Submanifolds of Symplectic Manifolds and Leafwise Fixed Points 2017-2-20 2017-2-20 Fabian Ziltener

Spring,2017  YMSC Distinguished Lecture Series

Title Start Date End Date Instructor
  Tsinghua University Loo-Keng Hua Distinguished Lecture 2017-6-13 2017-6-15 Henri Darmon
  Tsinghua University Pao-Lu Hsu Distinguished Lecture 2017-5-31 2017-6-2 Yoav Benjamini

Summer,2017  Course by Visitors

Title Start Date End Date Instructor