Tsinghua University established the Mathematical Sciences Center in December 2009. The internationally renowned mathematician Professor ShingTung Yau, at the invitation of the university, became the director of the center. University Yau Mathematical Sciences Center in 2014. Under the leadership of Professor Shing-Tung Yau, in the past decade, YMSC has made substantial developments in terms of building top-notch faculty, selecting and cultivating young talents, conducting cutting-edge scientific researches and completing mathematical discipline construction. The YMSC now ranks among the Upholding the ‘International, Open and Academic’ spirit, YMSC has attracted a large number of top mathematical scholars and cultivated a group of outstanding young talents.

Research Areas

  Mathematical researches at YMSC covers mainly 5 major areas and 3 cross theory, mathematical physics. dynamical systems and random analysis have achieved remarkable original results, earning fames on the international level. The establishment of Yanqi Lake Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Application or BIMSA in 2020 further extend researches into the applied mathematics area.

Top-Notch Faculty

  In the past decade, YMSC has been able to build a top-notch faculty. One of the recent additions, the 2018 Fields Medalist Caucher Birkar joins the team in 2021. Now, YMSC has 70 full-time faculty members, including 16 foreign faculty members. 31 of the faculty members are under the age of thirty-five. Currently, YMSC has 37 postdoctoral researchers, 6 of which are

YMSC has 37 postdoctoral researchers, 6 of which are foreigners. It has 55 registered PhD students and 59 undergraduates with Yau Math Talents Undergraduate Program.

Math Talents Incubator

  YMSC is dedicated to selecting and educating best math talents for China and the world. The various math competitions and awards have attracted young math learners of various ages, including S. T. Yau High School Science Award, S.-T. Yau College Student Mathematics Contests, New World Mathematics Award, ICCM Medal of Mathematics. Grand events such as International Chinese Mathematical Union, International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians are valuable platforms for great minds. Lectures and talks by prestigious scholars including Master Memorial Lectures, Master Forums, are eye opening and inspiring for younger mathematicians

International Academic Platform

  YMSC signed Memoranda of Understanding with nearly 30 world top universities and research institutes,

such as Harvard University, Stanford University and Oxford University. More than 300 mathematicians as well as experts and scholars in related areas visit YMSC each year for exchange and cooperation, including winners of the Nobel Prize, the Fields Medal and Wolf Prize.

Research Achievements

  Scholars at the YMSC publish more than one hundred papers on SCI indexed journals each year. By far, 7 papers by 6 YMSC professors were accepted by the top 4 journals in mathematics, including Annals of Mathematics, Inventions Mathematics, Acta Mathematicas, Journal of The American Mathematical Society.
According to the QS World University Rankings by Subject in 2021, Tsinghua’s Mathematics ranks at the 18th among the world top universities, which was 43rd in 2016

  Today, mathematical sciences are facing with unprecedented development opportunities, with strong supports from the Tsinghua University. YMSC is determined to cultivate top math talents, achieve original research results and build a most advanced mathematical sciences research center, in a bid to make Tsinghua University one of the most prestigious university in the world.