Since the establishment of Yau Mathematical Sciences Center (YMSC) at Tsinghua University, by virtue of the meticulous guidance and leadership of Prof. Shing-Tung Yau, the professional team at YMSC is increasingly international, high-caliber and youthful. In line with the spirit settled at the two special conferences on the development of talent and resources of YMSC in 2018, YMSC establishes its overall faculty size for the next three years. Since then the center has been registering rapid and steady progress in various scopes, and the line-up of young scholars at YMSC is growing stronger. As of December 2018, there are totally 63 full-time faculty members (including 16 professors, 9 associate professors and 37 assistant professors) at YMSC, and 12 of them come from nearly 10 countries outside China - the United States, UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea and Chile. 40 faculty members, or about 63% of the total, are under the age of 35. Moreover, YMSC has also been keen to educate and engage female scientists in recent years. Currently, there are 9 young female faculty members (about 14% of the total) working at YMSC, including Shan Peng and Wu Hao.

Comparison of Research and Teaching personnel Engaged by YMSC in the past three years

As of December 31, 2018, YMSC had engaged 48 postdoctors in total. Currently, there are a total of 38 postdoctors working at YMSC, including 12 foreigners. In 2018, YMSC engaged 13 postdoctors in total, including 5 foreigners. 3 postdoctors were directly promoted to assistant professors at YMSC upon their completion of research at YMSC. Since 2011 to now, outbound postdoctors either teach at Tsinghua University, or teach at key universities at home and abroad. Thus, YMSC has gained a significantly improved academic status and authoritative influence in the world through delivering numerous high-quality talents to national and international universities and research institutions.

Centering on basic mathematics, YMSC faculty members conduct research on five areas and three cross disciplines. Currently, the achievements of several research areas have reached the world first-class level in some specific issues, and as a whole have a significant influence in the world. YMSC now has 1 person included in the Top Young Talent Support Program; 2 winners of Tsinghua University Scholarship Award; 2 winners of Qiu Shi Outstanding Young Scholar Award; and 1 Changjiang Scholars Program. By the end of October 2018, YMSC faculty members published 71 SCI papers totally in the year (11 more than the total in 2017), which have an average length of 29 pages, and 11 of which contain more than 40 pages.

The objectives and positioning of YMSC are to: make the subject of mathematics to be among the world top 20 by the end of 2020, Asian No.1 and among the world top 5 in 10 years. In terms of people development, YMSC will build a high-level teaching and research team with great potential ability, with at least 30 international leaders at the frontier of mathematics, including 20 world top mathematicians in core mathematics, 10 world leading mathematicians in applied mathematics, 5 research teams in crossing fields, and 60 world first-class young and middle-aged mathematicians. Based thereupon, YMSC will recruit more than 60 post doctors and more than 100 graduates.

  • Fu Lei
  • Fu Lei, Yu Pin
  • Yu Pin, Zeng Huihui
  • Yu Pin
  • Li Si
  • Fu Lei, Song Wei, Shan Peng
  • Zeng Huihui, Chen Zhijie
  • Jiang Yi, Wenqiang, Sun Zhe