Administrative Team

YMSC administrative team supports YMSC directors, professors and students, dealing with recruitments, academic and student affairs, international exchanges and YMSC daily operations, logistics and publicity. The office also organizes events including “Yau Science Award”, “S.-T. Yau College Student Mathematics Contest”, “New World Mathematics Awards”,“Yau Tsinghua Mathcamp” etc.. YMSC is also the Headquarter of International Chinese Mathematical Union (ICMU) in Beijing and the editorial office of the Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly.

General Office

Tel: 010-62773561 /Fax:010-62789445 Office:Jing Zhai 106/110

Name Position/ Function Officee Phone E-Mail
Yan Lin General Affairs 62773561
Deng Chao General Affairs
Jiang Bowen  General Affairs/IT Support 62773561
Cheng Yuhong Assets, Logistics
Wang Qiang Logistics 62797767
Ma BaoChun Logistics

Personnel Management (Faculty, Postdocs, Staff)

Office:Jing Zhai 111

Name Position/ Function Office Phone E-Mail
Zhang Lei Manager 62794419
Ji Huanhuan Faculty Affairs 62797712
Feng Ziwei Postdoc Affairs 62799025
He Yan General Affairs 62797122
Liu Xinrong Faculty Affairs 62797712

Academic & Students' Affairs

Office:Jing Zhai 106

Name Position/ Function Officee Phone E-Mail
Sun Lijuan Manager 62794058
Wang Ze Visiting Scholars Affairs 62794058
Gong Mengfei Students Affairs 62792799


Office:Jing Zhai 109

Name Position/ Function Officee Phone E-Mail
Zheng Wen Accountant 62792003
Wang Chen Auditor 62799259

Awards & Conferences 

Office: Jing Zhai 108

Name Position/ Function Officee Phone E-Mail
Lu Pei Manager 62797260
Fei Juan 62797299
Zhang YueZhao 62797299


Office: Jing Zhai 107

Name Position/ Function Officee Phone E-Mail
Niu Yun Publicity Manager 62791789