Administrative Staff

The administrative team of the Yau Mathematical Sciences Center is mainly responsible for accomplish the key tasks of the center. The administrative staff team is playing a role as assistant of directors, information hub, comprehensive coordination and administrative services. More specifically, the team is in charge of diverse tasks for daily basis including mathematics talents recruitment, academic faculty construction, academy and student affairs, international exchanges, general management, and administrative operations.

Meanwhile, YMSC also undertakes the duties of organizing the “Yau Science Award”“S.-T. Yau College Student Mathematics Contest”“New World Mathematics Awards”. It is the Headquarter of International Chinese Mathematical Union (ICMU) in Beijing, and it is also playing the role as the editorial office of the international journal of mathematics Pure and Applied Mathematics Journal >.

Office of Administration

Tel: 010-62773561 /Fax:010-62789445 Office:Jing Zhai 106

Name Position/ Function Officee Phone E-Mail
Xiao Baohua Manager 62773561
Qiao Shengnan General Affairs /Document Secretary 62773561
Zhang Jianwei Assets / Logistics 62789445
Hu Yang General Affairs /Assets 62789445
Jiang Bowen  General Affairs /IT Support 62773561
Zhang Yan Press/ Information 62791789
Yang Zheng Press/ Information 62791789
Wang Kun Press / Information 62791789
Wang Jukai Logistics
Wang Qiang Logistics

Office of Personnel (Faculty, Postdocs, Staff)

Office:Jing Zhai 110

Name Position/ Function Office Phone E-Mail
Zhang Lei Manager 62794419
Liu Xuejing Postdocs 62799025
Ge Meng Faculty 62799025

Office of Academic Affairs

Office:Jing Zhai 106

Name Position/ Function Officee Phone E-Mail
Wang Gehui Assistant to Deputy Director 62797767
Sun Lijuan Manager 62794058

Office of Visiting Scholar Affairs

Office:Jing Zhai 111

Name Position/ Function Officee Phone E-Mail
He Yan Manager 62797122
Wang Ze Visitors 62797712
Ji Huanhuan Foreign Professor 62797712

Office of Financial Affairs

Office:Jing Zhai 109

Name Position/ Function Officee Phone E-Mail
Zheng Wen Accountancy 62792003
Wang Chen Audit 62799259

Office of Awards & Conference Affairs

Office: Jing Zhai 108

Name Position/ Function Officee Phone E-Mail
Lu Pei Manager 62797260
Yan Lin ICCM 62797260
Yu Xian TSIMF 62797299
Fei Juan 62797299
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