Geometry of Gauge Theories

主讲人:Philsang Yoo
时间: 每周四 8:30 -11:00,2020 - 8 - 6 ~ 9 - 24


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Abstract:In this mini course, we discuss geometric aspects of gauge theory, including the theory of connections and spinors. Depending on participants’ interest and time constraints, we may touch on supersymmetric aspects of the subject.

Prerequisite:differentiable manifolds, Lie groups and Lie algebras
Reference:Baez, Muniain - Gauge fields, knots and gravity
Fecko - Differential geometry and Lie groups for physicists
Frankel - The geometry of physics
Gilmore - Lie groups, physics, and geometry
Gockeler, Schucker - Differential geometry, gauge theories, and gravity
Naber - Topology, geometry, and gauge fields
Nakahara - Geometry, topology, and physics
Nash, Sen - Topology and geometry for physicists
Hamilton - Mathematical gauge theory
Jost - Geometry and physics
Rudolph, Schmidt - Differential geometry and mathematical physics
Sternberg - Curvature in Mathematics and Physics

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