Microeconometrics: Identification and inference.

任课教师:Per Johansson
时间: 每周四 15:00-17:00 2020-9-14 ~ 12-4


This course focuses on the identification and estimation of causal effects using observational data. The course is divided into two blocks.

The first block introduces the concepts of potential outcome and discusses inference of casual effect to the sample under investigation (the experiment) and to the population under study. Furthermore, it introduces the notion of estimands or parameters of interest as well as discussing non-parametric models in the estimation of these objects of interests under unconfoundedness.

The second part of the course discusses designs or methods that do not relay on the unconfoundedness assumptions often used in micro econometric application. The design stems from the type of data that the researcher have available but the estimator will always be some form of regression estimators.


Wooldridge Jeffrey M. Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and Panel data

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