Yau Mathematical Sciences Center

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China



Distinguished Professorship; Professorship;    

Associate Professorship;

Assistant Professorship (tenure-track).


The YMSC invites applications for the above positions in the full spectrum of mathematical sciences: ranging from pure mathematics, applied PDE, computational mathematics to statistics. The current annual salary range is between 0.25-1.0 million RMB. Salary will be determined by applicants' qualification. Strong promise/track record in research and teaching are required. Completed applications must be electronically submitted, and must contain curriculum vitae, research statement, teaching statement, selected reprints and /or preprints, three reference letters on academic research and one reference letter on teaching(Reference letters must be hand signed by referees), sent electronically to .          


The review process starts in December 2016, and closes by April 30, 2017. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications before December 31, 2016. 


Positions: post-doctorate fellowship 


Yau Mathematical Sciences Center (YMSC) will hire a substantial statistics, number of post-doctorate fellows in the full spectrum of mathematical sciences. New and recent PhDs are encouraged for this position.    


A typical appointment for post-doctorate fellowship of YMSC is for two-years, renewable for the third years. Salary and compensation package are determined by qualification, accomplishment, and experience. YMSC offers very competitive packages.


Completed applications must contain curriculum vitae, research, statement, teaching statement, selected reprints and/or preprints, three reference letters with referee’s signature, sent electronically to .


The review process starts in December 2016, and closes by April 30, 2017.  Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications before December 31, 2016.


Tsinghua Sanya International

Mathematics Forum (TSIMF)

Call for Proposal


We invite proposals to organize workshops, conferences, research-in-team and other academic activities at the Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum (TSIMF).


TSIMF is an international conference center for mathematics. It is located in Sanya, a scenic city by the beach with excellent air quality. The facilities of TSIMF are built on a 140-acre land surrounded by pristine environment at Phoenix Hill of Phoenix Township. The total square footage of all the facilities is over 28,000 square meter that includes state-of-the-art conference facilities (over 9,000 square meter) to hold two international workshops simultaneously, a large library, a guesthouse (over 10,000 square meter) and the associated catering facilities, a large swimming pool, two tennis courts and other recreational facilities.


Because of our capacity, we can hold several workshops simultaneously. We pledge to have a short waiting period (6 months or less) from proposal submission to the actual running of the academic activity.


The mission of TSIMF is to become a base for scientific innovations, and for nurturing of innovative human resource; through the interaction between leading mathematicians and core research groups in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, theoretical physics, applied physics, theoretical biology and other relating disciplines, TSIMF will provide a platform for exploring new directions, developing new methods, nurturing mathematical talents, and working to raise the level of mathematical research in China.


For information about TSIMF and proposal submission, please visit: or write to Ms. Yanyu Fang









清华大学丘成桐数学科学中心是中国顶尖的数学研究中心。自2009年成立以来,中心蓬勃发展,成果显著。到今年秋季,数学中心已拥有全职教员33名,博士后30余位,还邀请了10余位世界顶级数学家来中心短期授课。目前,香港科技大学的郑绍远教授、荷兰乌德勒支大学的Eduard Looijenga教授以及纽约州立大学宾汉姆顿大学的Thomas Farrell教授都已加入中心,成为全职教员。芝加哥大学的Spencer Bloch教授、阿姆斯特丹大学的Gerard Van de Geer等国际顶尖数学家,在未来的十年中,将每年来中心教授一门课程。对于数学中心的活动,请浏览



我们欢迎数学领域各个研究方向的学者应聘以上岗位。我们计划对以上4类人才提供年薪25万至100万人民币。具体薪金取决于应聘者的综合素质。有意申请以上职位者,需提交个人简历、 研究成果和研究计划综述、教学方面的陈述、代表性论文若干。 三封有关学术方面的推荐信、一封教学方面的推荐信(所有推荐信需要有推荐人的手写签名)。请发送电子版材料至